Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Orangefan - Goodbye

Sadly, Orangefan has decided to discontinue his blog after 22 months of service. He's been a wealth of information on Syracuse recruiting, putting together a nice comprehensive coverage on a routine basis, and frankly covering an important aspect of Syracuse basketball that I've admittedly had little interest in doing myself. I've found him to be a good source of filtering out the rumors and putting together a good look at not only who the Orange are really looking at, but how good they could be.

The blog business does take a lot of time, both on the writing end and on the information gathering. I'd like to wish him well as he moves on with more important things. As we all know, Syracuse basketball is a great diversion, but it is just that.

If you enjoy his stuff, please make sure to drop him a goodbye.

Thanks Orangefan.


Name: ALJ said...

What happened to OrangeFan's page? It can't accessed anymore? Strange.

OrangeRay said...

He was getting inappropriate messages by sophomoric idiots in his comments, so he shut it down to shut them out.

It's a shame but a reality that there are individuals with nothing better to do then proudly show the whole world their own shortcomings.