Thursday, June 07, 2007

Details of the Poll

The results for the poll for the Greatest Syracuse Orangemen keep coming in; we're now up to 158 voters. The overall results really haven't changed (still the same top 5), and the same candidates in the top 10, though the lower half have shifted around. There does seem to be an individual trying to stuff the ballot box for Jimmy Lee, which I find amusing.

If you want to see how individuals are doing in the polling, you can click on their name, and it will tell you how many first-through-tenth place votes they have.

Dave Bing has by far the most number one votes, which pleasantly suprises me. His breakdown of top four votes goes a follows: 77 first place, 28 second place, 8 third place, and 4 fourth place

Looking at the remainder of the top 5, this is how they break out:

  • Carmelo Anthony 36 first, 40 second, 15 third, 12 fourth
  • Derrick Coleman 8-33-36-22
  • Pearl Washington 3-19-23-24
  • Sherman Douglas 1-7-19-20

Thanks for all the continued interest.

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