Sunday, November 29, 2009

Geography 101

The Syracuse Orange are now 6-0, after putting away Columbia in the second half of Friday night’s game at the Carrier Dome. Wesley Johnson was exciting on offense, Andy Rautins had his usual stellar defensive effort, and Jim Boeheim moved in to sole possession of 7th place on the all-time win list with win # 805.

I would like to take a break, to educate all the youth of America who are being educated by Professor Dick Vitale on the proximity of Madison Square Garden to Syracuse University. He likes to reiterate each and every year that Syracuse ‘never’ leaves NY state before the Big East season, as if that is a tremendous home field for Syracuse. I will of course agree that the following statement is indeed correct:

“Syracuse and Madison Square Garden are indeed both in New York State”

For those unfamiliar with the geography of New York, that is about the only thing in common with New York city and Syracuse. Syracuse University is 249 miles driving distance from Madison Square Garden (per MapQuest). It is a 4 hours 22 minutes away.

Syracuse is not on a subway line from New York City. Many people from Syracuse have never been to New York City. I had never visited New York City until I was 20 years old. Roughly 27% of the Syracuse city area is covered by trees, and the city receives more snowfall than any other major US city with 115 inches of snow a year. The immediate areas surrounding Syracuse are known for apple orchards, wineries, and dairy farms.

Syracuse is closer to the states of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut than it is to New York City. It is closer to Canada, than it is to the Big Apple.

Of the original 8 Big East Schools, guess which university is the furthest from Madison Square Garden? Yes, the answer is indeed Syracuse. Here’s the list with their Mapquest driving distance.

St. John’s – 0 miles (The Red Storm play some home games at MSG)
Seton Hall – 19 miles
Villanova – 96 miles
UConn – 142 miles
Providence – 180 miles
Boston College – 216 miles
Georgetown - 229 miles
Syracuse – 249 miles

In the new Big East alignment, Rutgers is added to the above list at only 14 miles. And just for the heck of it, here are three non-Big East schools of note: Temple is 96 miles, University of Maryland is 222 miles and Penn State University is 239 miles away.

Syracuse is closer to Toronto, Ontario at 245 miles. It is virtually the same distance to Montreal, Quebec at 252 miles. And Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 245 miles. And Hartford, Connecticut at 256 miles. Erie, Pennsylvania, at the far western corner of the state of Pennsylvania is 238 miles away.

Anyhow, I hope you all get the point. Yes, Syracuse is in New York State. But unless you count all the cities just mentioned as 'home' games for Syracuse, then please don't apply the same standard to Madison Square Garden. That goes to you too Mr. Vitale.

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Russianator said...

Great post and spot on.

Here's another point - a game in tampa against Florida is a ROAD GAME!

Sadly, announcers like vitale keep up the same old schtick.