Monday, July 23, 2007

More Voting... Football and Lacrosse

Since its a non-election year, and the doldrums of summer with little Syracuse University action going on, and I've been in a 'ranking mode' lately, I've set up two more polls for Syracuse fans to get involved with.

I'm a lacrosse fan, love watching the game the Orangemen play. I'll admit I'm not an expert on lacrosse, nor its history, but I've put together a poll of who I think the top candidates are. Feel free to vote for the Greatest Syracuse Orangeman Lacrosse Player. There have been a lot of great ones on the hill; my personal favorite was Gary Gait. But I'm sure many of you feel that one of the Powell brothers, or Jim Brown, or perhaps Dick Finley should get the honor. I'm sure Roy Simmons I & II have an opinion.

We can turn to the gridiron. Many legendary players have played at Syracuse, and we all know about the legendary 44. How rich is the history at Syracuse? It's quite possible that the great Jim Brown, who I think is the greatest NFL player ever, wasn't even the best running back for the Orange. I'm not saying Brown wasn't, but a very good argument for Mr. Ernie Davis could be made. Or perhaps a great wideout like Art Monk or Marvin Harrison, or a Hall of Famer Tight End like John Mackey, or a Hall of Fame center such as Jim Ringo (because football is won in the trenches, or so we are told). Many to choose from; who do you think was the Greatest Syracuse Orangemen Football Player?

It's all in fun, of course, but I think if you take the voting a little bit seriously, we might get some interesting votes. I am definitely eager to see who the most underrated basketball player for Syracuse is. And a few months back we saw that Dave Bing took the honor of Syracuse's Greatest Basketball Player (though with the ever changing vote, who knows).

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