Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Guards... be the playmakers

I may have more to write tomorrow on the Syracuse / South Florida game. Here's my quick observation. With 9 minutes left in the game, Demetris Nichols has taken only 6 shots in the game. He scored 57 points the past two games combined, and he's only taken six shots this game. Yes, he is cold... but let me repeat he's taken only 6 six shots this game.

Eric Devondorf and Josh Wright, who've been cold for a month or so (or so it seems), have taken upon themselves to heave up 18 shots so far (making only six). Only four assists between them.

All I know is if a guy has been carrying you lately, ride him. Rautins was 4-7 early in the second half from three point range. Hasn't taken a shot in the last 10 minutes. Devo and Wright... you've got to make an smart effort to get the ball to Rautins, or to get Demetris free... or get the ball to Watkins down low.

Again, guards... make the play. Get the rest of the guys into the game.

We may very well win this game... we've been leading most of it, though close. Our guards aren't playing it smart though.


MariusJanulisForThree said...

Can we make a trade with the Bakersfield Jam? Devo, Wright and a 2009 scholarship for G-Mac?

OrangeRay said...

I'd settle for a Lazarus Sims or an Allen Griffin.

Matt Glaude said...

I'm still pretty sure SU loses that game if Roberts doesn't put his elbow square into Gransberry's eyebrow.

OrangeRay said...

I have no doubt the Gransberry injury helped the Orange a lot. Devo finally started feeding Nichols and Rautins the ball with about four minutes to go, but would've been too late if Gransberry had never left the court.