Monday, January 22, 2007

Welcome Back Terrence

Welcome back to earth Terrence Roberts. After shooting like Gerry McNamara, Richie Cornwall, and Greg Kohls from the free throw line over the previous six games (14 of 17), TRob came back to his roots and shot an abyssmal 1-9 from the free throw line in Syracuse's 64-60 loss to St. Johns. That drops Roberts to 34-74 for the season (45.9%) and 148-313 for his career (47.3%).
What was really amazing was the Roberts' form looked solid during his stretch when he was making the shots. Agains the Red Storm he looked horrendous. Absolutely terrible.
He did keep up with his solid play for the first ten minutes of the game, almost single handedly carrying the team. Unfortunately the big guy disappeared after that, though he did get his double-double.
He's now taken 4 three point shots this year, and of course has missed them all. Terrence, there's a reason you're open at the arc; you're 5-23 for your career from that range. Egads. Only thing worse than seeing TRob square up for a three is seeing Paul Harris do the same.
Anyhow the Orange played great against Villanova, perhaps the best team effort I've seen in a couple of years. They struggled against Cincinnati but showed a lot of poise when it mattered. The whole team looked terrible against St. Johns. The Red Storm simply looked awful, and yet the Orange seemed determined to play worse than the Johnnies.
I have hope the team can achieve some success on this season, but Sunday was not one of those times.

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