Saturday, May 02, 2015

Player Profiles Completed

I am happy to say that I now have completed on a profile for all 721 players who played varsity basketball for Syracuse University. From Kris Aaron to Mark Ziolko, there is now a profile with the players season and career stats, as well as a description of their career and as much of a biography as possible.  Several players also have a photo included.

OrangeHoops Player Index
This is a never ending project as new players join the team next season, the current players continue to build upon their Orange legacy, and former players continue on with their lives.  Some of the profiles are rather scant as it was difficult to find information about the player, and I will continue to flesh out all the profiles as I move forward.  

My appreciation to those fans who have sent me information over the years. The information has been invaluable to the site.

I am continuing to look for missing data for games, and I have a handful of season recaps to complete.  All the season statistics are done.

In case  you had missed it, in late 2013 I had rolled out section recapping Syracuse's all time record against each opponent, along with the highlights and lowlights of each series, and that feature is current as of the end of this past season.